Our promise

To provide independent, professional and to-the-point advisory services, based on knowledge, hands-on experience and hard work. Our objective is to create long-term value for our customers.

Knowledge is key

MAR Advisors offers advisory services to corporates and institutional investors globally, focused on the sectors where our team members have spent most of their professional life. We build upon over 100 years of combined experience as managers and advisors in the seafood and infrastructure sectors. Our transaction track-record and satisfied customer base is our best recommendation.

Our services


Seafood is a global yet fragmented industry compared to other food sectors.

Consolidation is taking place driven by increased demand for scale from growing retail and food service customers in all markets. Value chains are being simplified.

Aquaculture is growing fast to compliment wild catch in supplying seafood towards growing demand in markets world-wide.

Technology changes are affecting all steps in the value chain, increasing efficiency, lowering carbon footprint and supporting further sustainability of our wild resources.

MAR Advisors has completed transactions in Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Peru, Spain, United Kingdom and USA, with a truly global network of investors.

Due to experience working in different parts of the world MAR Advisors has direct access to key influencers in the global seafood industry.

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Infrastructure & Energy

There is an increasing need for infrastructure investments in Iceland due to new technology, growth in tourism and population.

Our team has over 25 years experience in the energy sector, both through financing, management and as advisors.

Additionally, our team has extensive experience from working on infrastructure projects that are based on telecommunications, tourism and IT.

We assist international and private investors in identifying and exploring investments related to such energy and infrastructure projects.

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